The Purple Guideline – Management Guideline of Kromberg & Schubert

Setting an example: Commitment and Identification

„He who sets an example can face himself in the mirror.“

Siegfried Wache, (*1951), technical draughtsman, aeronautic engineer and author.

The Board of Directors have developed the Purple Guideline with 12 guiding principles which give managers on all levels a framework for ideal leadership to assist managers and leaders.

Proper leadership contributes on the one hand towards employee job satisfaction and performance, but also has an impact upon the quality and efficiency targets of our company, coupled with a positive effect upon the customer satisfaction.

Personal commitment and identification with the company and its activities therefore are the driving force behind the 12 guiding principles.

The basic values of  Kromberg & Schubert play a key role:

  • Loyality & Integrity
  • Credibility & Reliability
  • Flexibility & Pragmatism
  • Innovation & Team Success

The value we place upon employees (m/f/d) and customers motivates us to successfully carry out all joint projects and meet targets time and again with a positive attitude and real commitment.

Leadership through Clear Targets

For our area of responsibility, we develop clear, ambitious, but realistic targets, we convince our employees (m/f/d) of these objectives and implement them for the long term.

Active Feedback

We give our employees (m/f/d) frequent feedback on achieving the target and acknowledge good performance.

„No Excuses“!

We do not make excuses and openly address errors.

Atmosphere of Trust

We create an atmosphere of trust through open communication and through freedom of action.

Developing Employees

We develop our employees (m/f/d) and fill them with enthusiasm for our Company.

Act consistently

In difficult situations we support our employees (m/f/d), but we also penalise misconduct.

Entrepreneurial Thinking and Acting

We demand entrepreneurial acting and individual responsibility from ourselves and our employees (m/f/d).

Interfunctional Cooperation in Teams

We develop cross-functional cooperation on all levels and offer our knowledge to others.

Globality & Mobility

We are globally mobile and work successfully in different cultural regions.

Customer Focus

We are close to our customers and gear our actions towards them.


We even question things which are tried and trusted and consciously follow new paths.

“There is no such word as ‘impossible’.“

We find flexible, pragmatic solutions, take clear decisions and implement them quickly.