My Motivation as a Student

„The individual selection process left a very good impression“.

Kromberg & Schubert offers students from different fields an insight into an international automotive supplier industry and the chance to gain qualifications. In planning his career early, Johannes F. decided to test his theoretical knowledge in practice during his studies and to extend his experience.

Start your career as student (m/f/d)

Turn theory into practice –
Student (m/f/d) at Kromberger & Schubert

How and why did you come to Kromberg & Schubert?

The website and a job exhibition made me aware of Kromberg & Schubert. The individual type of selection left a very good impression. In an interview I was able to get to know my mentor personally and to pose my questions and requirements.

What did you expect of your position?

I expected a position in which I would be able to develop well as newcomer. Also to have easy access to other departments and levels of the company due to the flat hierarchical structure and to be able to show I can work on my own initiative.

Which departments did you get to know so far?

IT, HR and Quality Management.

To what extent do theory and practice complement each other?

The knowledge acquired during my studies make it easier to understand the interactions in the department. The knowledge necessary for project management was unfortunately rather imparted in my studies. This I can learn at Kromberg & Schubert.

Have your expectations been fulfiled?

The expectations regarding the possibility of developing one's potential were fulfiled. Also I was immediately incorporated into the team. My ideas are always welcome. I always get prompt feedback on the results of my work.

How was the working atmosphere?

The atmosphere is very good. My colleagues support me and always help me if I have problems. A comfortable atmosphere prevails.

Can you imagine a future at Kromberg & Schubert?

I can imagine working at Kromberg & Schubert, because i like the company's philosophy and there is still a lot of hidden potential in the company.

Your conclusion in one sentence?

An exciting company from which we can expect a lot of changes.