My Motivation as a Professional

"With the appropriate qualifications, strong engagement and a persuading personal development, it is possible to climb the ladder to a higher position quickly."

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Start your career as professional (m/f/d)

Why did you choose Kromberg & Schubert?

The company enjoys a good reputation within the sector. It is also well-known that Kromberg & Schubert has a very solid management structure and is a stable company even in times of crisis.

What are your responsibilities? Are you happy with it?

My main duty is to lead the employees of the "Operations Scheduling", to provide the necessary resources for the projects and to meet deadlines as well as to ensure that the internal standards are applied. The responsibility for bill of materials, line plans, calculations and KFBs requires a lot of coordination with the competency centres and the plants to produce the required quality.

This tasks can only be mastered with a hands-on-mentality and strong communication skills. Since this is also my personal attitude to work, I appreciate and accept every new challenge.

How does your current position differ from previous ones?

It is the flat hierarchy. If there are questions, feedback is received quickly. Furthermore the number of contacts is also manageable and consistent due to the low rate of employee turnover.

Which goals do you have in the company and how do you see the chances of these being achieved?

My goal is to carry out my duties well and successfully. I also want to be able to plan and implement projects based on my own ideas and the needs of the company. In my opinion this is realistic because of the short decision-making channels.

Which requirements are necessary for you to work successfully?

You should always be very flexible. The special structure of a globally active family business needs a change of mindset to begin with. In other aspects, as mentioned above, projects can be implemented well on the existing structure.

To what extent is it possible to work flexibly at Kromberg & Schubert?

Several things are done for the employees to be able to balance professional and private life. Work-Life-Balance is not simply an empty phrase. Flexible work time is available and the company is always sympathetic to private appointments.

Which three main features characterise Kromberg & Schubert?

In a nutshell: Solidarity, consistency and discipline

Summarise your opinion in one sentence:

A good, solid employer, very stable and transparent, accountable and thereby predictable and thus plenty of job security.