My Motivation as an Apprentice

„I can wholeheartedly recommend the apprenticeship at Kromberg & Schubert to anyone.“

Start your career as pupil (m/f/d)

Start successfully to a career with prospects –
Apprenticeship at Kromberger & Schubert

Why did you decide the apprenticeship at Kromberg & Schubert?

The automotive sector has a bright future, in other words, Kromberg & Schubert is a company with prospects. The company also has a good reputation as employer in the region and I know a lot of people working there.

What did you expect of the apprenticeship?

To get an insight into different areas and departments. In regard to my future education and career: which aspects do I enjoy, what interests me?

Which areas did you get to know so far?

I got to know Controlling, Logistics, HR and Purchasing.

What would be a typical day for an apprentice at Kromberg & Schubert?

You arrive at work, talk to your mentor in the department about what should be done by the end of the day. If you have independent work to do, you do that yourself. Once a week you work through the incoming post. Together with the other apprentices we are allowed to work on own projects in a team independently.

Which character traits are important and what tips do you have for future applicants?

Be independent, confident and show interest in new tasks, then you will learn a lot!

Have your expectations of Kromberg & Schubert been fulfiled?

You are a full part of the team, which means you do department-related tasks, not only „apprentice-tasks“. In my opinion it was very important for me to have been introduced to each department's work at the beginning: What does the department do? Who is responsible for what?

What is the atmosphere like at work?

Very good. My colleagues support me, I enjoy going to work.

Your conclusion in one sentence?

I can wholeheartedly recommend the apprenticeship at Kromberg & Schubert to everyone.