My Motivation as a Graduate

„I wanted a challenging position in which I could take on responsibility straight away“.

As a high-tech company, Kromberg & Schubert offers a number of entry options for university graduates. Not only graduates with a technical background, but also graduates of other subjects can launch an interesting and varied career at Kromberg & Schubert.

For example, Veronika R. majored in Human Resources Development and Human Resources Management. After her graduation, she applied proposefully to Kromberg & Schubert, a major employer in the region. In her first interview she convices and now Veronika R. is responsible for the development and qualification of the employees as Human Resources Development specialist. A focus of her work is the field of Talent Management, development talents at Kromberg & Schubert.

Start your career as graduate (m/f/d)

New inspiration stimulates innovation –
Graduate (m/f/d) at Kromberg & Schubert

Why did you decide to apply for Kromberg & Schubert?

First of all I wanted to work for a big, global company. I would say especially in the first years of my professional life the experience gained from working for an international group is very important. In addition, I come from the same region. Working so close to home is perfect. On the other hand the opportunity to travel is also attractive. This is what is pleasant about Kromberg & Schubert: The manageable size of each location creates a personal, almost familial atmosphere. At the same time, you are working for an international group with plants all around the world and there are plenty of exciting opportunities.

What did you expect of your position?

I wanted a challenging job in which I could take on responsibility straight away. Above all it should offer tasks appripriate to the level of my education. A position in which I can create solutions together with experts from different departments and countries. The chance to travel on business was also very welcome.

To what extent was the knowledge you acquired during your studies of help?

Some aspects of my studies turned out to be very important for daily working business, other aspects less. All in all the requirements of this job fit the qualifications I gained during my studies.

How are there chances of promotion in your sector?

Since I have not been with the company very long, it is hard to say. This is for sure: The hierarchies here are relatively flat and the decision-making channels are short. I think that whoever proves competence and develops oneself goal orientated has good opportunities to move up the career ladder.

How do you see your job in general?

I have very varied and, as I said, responsible tasks. Above all, I have the opportunity of improving and creating. I really feel as though I can have a positive impact on things. This really is fun and motivates me.

Can you see yourself staying with Kromberg & Schubert in the future?

I can see myself being with Kromberg & Schubert for the next five years for sure. due to the posibility of being able to change a lot.

It is difficult to judge what will happen over the next 10 years. It will depend on my development in the next few years and whether there are opportunities for promotion into more responsible positions. This, of course, depends on whether such positions will be available and on the growth of the company.

Your conclusion in a nutshell?

Even newcomer can have a big impact here in positions which are full of variety.